Writing vs. Visual Art

I’m taking a very thought-provoking art course right now. My instructor noted that (paraphrasing here) a strict parallel between writing and visual art might not prove productive. Why? Because they are different expressive forms, and, moreover, that they accomplish different things.

Of course, this has me devoting my writing time (lol) to considering whether what I consider the purpose of visual art and writing to be since I am going to state as a premise that they are both forms of art for our purpose. I’m also considering what they set out to accomplish.

My current thinking is that both types of artistic expression set out to bring the observer/reader into the space with the artist/writier so that a communcation of essence, meaning, emotion … is shared.

What about you? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Writing vs. Visual Art

  1. I would go so far as to compare writing to even dancing, or gymnastics. They’re all a discipline, but most importantly, they’re a performance. Oversimplification, sure. But everything can be parallels if we want it to be 😀

    Thanks for this food for thought!

    1. Good and interesting point.

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