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I’ve found a way to increase the reach of my writing practice despite COVID limiting me to solitary endeavors. As we wait to see what this winter brings, I’d like to share what I’ve found to be courses well-worth more time online.

This series of posts covers the 5 best online writing courses – actually where to find them. Each post will examine the range of classes, the experience in the classes, and the adequacy of the communication with the organization. It will also rate the courses on those attributes, with 5 = YES!

Gotham Writers Workshop

Gotham offers classes and events in NYC as well as online classes available worldwide. Their online classes come in two formats: There are Zoom classes that are offered in realtime and Online classes that “advance week-by-week,” but you do the work at the time of your choice. They also offer One-on-One Writing Services. You’ll easily find all of the relevant information you might want when you view the info on a class.

Pick Your Class

The Course Catalogue View All page has a list of courses being offered, by name, as well as by Start Dates. Clicking the Explore button withing a class description takes you to different dates and formats, as well as different levels for the class. As you can see from this Fiction Writing class offering, everything you need to know to explore the options open to you is right in one place with links to additional info. You can select a session and click ENROLL to register, or LEARN MORE to – well – learn more. The name of the teacher also has a link to that teacher’s bio. Related Classes appear at the bottom of the page.

If you’re not sure of the exact type of class you’d like, the Course Catalogue page makes it possible for you to filter by Category, Most Popular, Just Starting Out, or Location.


Gotham Writers offers courses in Fiction; Nonfiction; Scriptwriting; Comedy, Poetry & Song; Professional Development, and Essentials for Adults, Teens, and One-on-One. They also offer an the online Gotham Writers Conference.

Program Certificates

You can also earn a Program Certificate in Fiction Writing, Memoir Writing, or Screenwriting by meeting the requirements set out on their Program Certificate page.

The Experience

I’ve taken several online and/or Zoom classes during the past few months. They have been excellent. Accessing the class is a simple matter of going to your My Classes page and clicking on the link. The faculty knows what they’re talking about and they’re well qualified to teach that class. The other students have been just as engaged as I am, with relevant discussion and enthusiasm. Any writing done during class is on topic and has proven to be quite useful. I’ve come away from these classes feeling like the experience was both educational and fun.


You can get any questions answered via email (contact@gothamwriters.com) or phone (212.974.8377). You can also see the classes you’re registered for at the My Classes tab on the main site. In addition, you receive a confirmation email when you register with all the details you need to get into the class. In short, the entire site and communication from the site is designed to get you what you need without a hassle.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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