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I’ve found a way to increase the reach of my writing practice despite COVID limiting me to solitary endeavors. As we wait to see what this winter brings, I’d like to share what I’ve found to be courses well-worth more time online.

This series of posts covers the 5 best online writing courses – actually where to find them. Each post will examine the range of classes, the experience in the classes, and the adequacy of the communication with the organization. It will also rate the courses on those attributes, with 5 = YES!

Writer’s Digest University

Writer’s Workshops (WDU) offers online classes available worldwide. Their online classes come in several formats: Among them are Zoom classes that are offered in realtime, and Online classes that “advance week-by-week,” but you do the work at the time of your choice. You’ll see the choice of all Formats when you click Format on the Brose All page.You’ll easily find all of the relevant information you might want when you view the info for a class. You can learn more about the classes overall at Are Our Courses For You?

Pick Your Class

The Browse All page has a list of courses being offered, by Format, Topic, Goal, Element. You’ll also find Self-Paced Courses. Clicking on the picture for a class takes you to the info for the class. Everything you need to know about the class is right there – from info about the instructor, the meetings, and any required equipment. The address for questions (writingwebinars@aimmedia.com) is right there, too.

If you’re more interested in the dates for a class, the Live Event Calendar has a list of live classes. The Courses by Start Date also lists classes with that start date. Click the name of the class for more info.


Writer’s Digest University offers courses in Fiction Writing, Freelance/Copywriting, Genre/Speciality Writing, Getting Started, Marketing/Building a Platform, Nonfiction Writing, Preparing for Publication, Short Story/Essay, Screenwriting Workshops at Screenwriters University.

Program Certificates/Bootcamps/Virtual Conferences

You can also earn a Program Certificate in Copyediting. Learn more about the many Bootcamps, Virtual Conferences, Advanced Class, and Coaching alternatives here, too.

The Experience

I have to say up front that I have not taken a WDU class in several years. I can see that several of the best instructors I had are still there. I also found every one of my instructors had the experience and feedback I needed. A colleague recently took the Copyediting Certificate class and was very happy.


You can get any questions answered via email (writingwebinars@aimmedia.com) or contact support for your specific need. You can also call 1-800-333-0133 M-F 10am – 5pm CT. You can also see the classes you’re registered for at the My Dashboard tab on the course selection site. I have no recent experience to go by as to follow-through on registration, so I can’t speak to that directly, but my past experience was more than adequate.

Rating – based on past experience and colleague current feedback

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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