Gina Hagler

Family lore has it that I was born reading. I’m not sure about any of that but I am sure that I have been reading and writing since my earliest memories. So, it makes sense that I would eventually find my way to being a writer, editor, writing coach, and writing instructor.

I’ve written a lot of nonfiction for children and adults in the form of articles, books, and blog posts. I’ve also worked with a number of writers to get their work published. I’ve helped hundreds of kids (and counting) master the fine art of the well-written sentence, paragraph, essay, and report. And, there are ongoing writing classes in narrative nonfiction for adults. All in all, it’s a lot of fun.

This site is intended to keep you company along your writing journey. It’s also a place to find answers to some of your questions and to make you think again about what you know about writing.

Write on!


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